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Fox 34 Float Factory Series Fork - 2022-24 - Shiny Black

Fox 34 Float Factory Series Fork - 2022-24 - Shiny Black

Damper Details:
FIT4 3 Pos Adj
Hub Fitment:
15x110mm Boost
Amount of Travel:
140mm Travel
Shiny Black
Fork Offset:
Release Year:
Steerer Size:
1 1/8th - 1.5 Inch Tapered
Wheel Fitment:
29 Inch
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Smoother, stiffer, lighter, more tunable, and more capable than ever before; the Fox Shox 34 Float Factory Kashima is a dedicated trail fork that's ready to handle almost anything you can throw at it.

The 34 is an ideal all-rounder that performs in a wide range of trail applications. It's light enough for extensive climbing while being highly capable in demanding terrain, inspiring confidence when the trail gets rough.

Available with the choice of Grip 2 or FIT4 dampers to suit any type of rider. Seasoned dial twiddlers will love the ultimate tunability offered by the GRIP2 damper, but riders seeking easier setup and 3 Way on-the-fly adjustment will prefer the FIT4 damper option.

New for 2022:

  • Lower Leg Bypass Channels: Reduce unwanted pressure ramping under compression and allows for better circulation of lower leg bath oil.
  • Redesigned Lower Leg Arch: Optimises stiffness with the minimum amount of material and provides better clearance for large head tubes and reduced offset forks.
  • 180mm Direct Post Mounts: Allows for the use of 180mm brake rotors without the need for an adaptor. If you're planning to run 160mm rotors on this fork you're out of luck.

Who this for? The 34 is the ultimate fork for XC and trail riders seeking a nimble and lightweight fork they can count on to get them up, down, and across the mountains with precision and confidence.

Spring type: This fork features the EVOL air spring which uses a larger negative air volume to create a linear spring curve that delivers plushness off the top, extra mid-stroke support and a more tunable bottom out.

Wheel size compatibility: Available in 27.5" and 29" options.

Fork offset: The 34 is available in different fork offsets to suit the geometry of the bike it's being installed on. Available options are dependent on the wheel size and the colour chosen.

  • Gloss Black: 44, 51mm
  • Gloss Orange: 44mm

Suspension travel amount: Available options are dependent on the colour chosen.

Gloss Black: 130, 140mm

Gloss Orange: 140mm

Compression damper style technologies/adjustments: The Fox 34 Factory is available with either the Grip 2 or the FIT4 damper.

Grip 2: The Grip 2 damper features variable valve control (VVC) in the compression circuit which allows for external fine-tuning of suspension performance via adjustable high and low-speed compression damping.

  • High-speed compression: (with VVC): 8 clicks
  • Low-speed compression: 16 clicks

Rebound damper technologies/adjustments: The Grip 2 damper also features VVC in the rebound circuit, offering adjustable high and low-speed rebound and more potential for tuning internally.

  • High-speed rebound: (with VVC): 8 clicks
  • Low-speed rebound: 16 clicks

FIT4: The FIT4 damper offers three on the fly compression damping options. Choose from Open, Medium, or Firm to quickly adapt the fork to the trail conditions.

Factory series forks also feature 22 clicks of low-speed compression adjustment in the Open mode, allowing riders to dial in their exact preference.

  • On-the-fly compression damping options: Open, Medium, Firm.
  • Low-speed compression Open mode adjustment (Factory series only): 22 clicks
  • Low-speed rebound adjustment: 10 clicks

Travel adjustment: There are no external controls to adjust the length of travel but you can do this internally by installing a different length air shaft (available separately).

Volume Adjustment: Mid-stroke support and bottom-out resistance can be tuned via internal volume spacers. The number of factory-installed spacers and the max number of spacers will vary according to the length of travel.

Factory Installed Spacers:

  • 120mm: 3
  • 130mm: 2
  • 140mm: 1

Max Volume Spacers:

  • 120mm: 6
  • 130mm: 5
  • 140mm: 5

Stanchion diameter: As the name may suggest, this fork has 34mm stanchions.

Axle size and style: The 34 is available with a 110x15mm thru-axle with a quick-release lever.

Steerer tube standard: The 34 features a steerer with a standard 1.5-1 1/8" external taper.

Brake mount style: This fork has 180mm post mounts allowing you to mount a 180mm rotor to the fork directly without the need for an adaptor. Max rotor size is 203mm.

Brake rotor compatibility:

  • Minimum rotor size: 180mm
  • Maximum rotor size: 203mm

Starting Weight:

  • 27.5": 1770g
  • 29": 1738g

Pros: The ultimate trail bike fork that provides outstanding performance and adjustability in a package that's light and nimble enough to ride up and down mountains day in, day out.

Cons: If you're a heavy or particularly aggressive rider you may experience a bit of flex under braking/cornering when you're pushing it on the descents. If descending is your main priority you might be better off with the 36 Float.

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