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Formula Compression Tuning System Valve Kit

Formula Compression Tuning System Valve Kit

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Tuning your fork is no longer a dark art with Formula's CTS Compression Tuning System, giving you the power to change your compression damping characteristics in as little as five minutes.

No more pulling your fork off your bike to send it off to a suspension specialist and paying them to have the damping modified, hoping that they'll get it just the way you want it while you wait patiently for weeks to get it back. With the Formula Compression Tuning system, you can choose from 7 distinctly different compression damping circuits that you can swap yourself, with basic hand tools, at home, with the fork still on the bike!

Swap between different damping curves until you have your bike dialled and feeling just the way you want it, or swap between different damping curves to suit different riding styles, terrain or locations so you can truly have one bike to rule them all, or swap between different damping curves so you can swap your fork between different bikes to get the most out of your favourite Formula fork. It's up to you.

Choose from one of the 7 colour coded damping circuits for your Formula Selva or Nero fork.

Note: You will need the special Formula CTS tool to remove and replace damping circuits.

Gold - The cornerstone

The Gold valve is the closest to the “industry-standard” set-up of a MTB fork: great sensitivity in the first two centimetres of travel, the right amount of support at low and medium speeds, and a constant though gentle progressivity. A setting that allows riders with different riding styles to have comfort and support, combined with the advantage to use always all the available travel.

Orange - More progressivity

The Orange valve is suitable for conditions where you need maximum sensitivity in the first two centimetres of the travel, combined with greater support at low and medium speeds, all while having more pronounced progressivity towards the end of the travel. The Orange valve is suitable for those riders who are looking for more progressivity from their fork, without wanting to change the behaviour of the fork at low and medium speeds.

Green - Race with support

The Green valve is dedicated to hard-fought pure racing. Like in any race setup, performance is more preferred than comfort. With the Green valve you get a setting that leaves a very sensitive first two centimetres of travel, but also gives maximum compression support at medium and high speeds. The Green valve is suitable for riders who aggressively load the front wheel. A setting without compromise, and pronounced progressivity that’s designed for those conditions in which the only thing to do is to challenge the clock.

Desert - Maximum comfort

Desert valve is designed to give maximum comfort at low speeds as well as throughout the first part of the travel. A setting designed to get a feeling of infinite travel up to halfway through the travel, all without giving up the indispensable support at high speeds. Suitable for all those riders that make comfort and sensitivity the two essential characteristics of a fork.

Blue - Comfort and support

The Blue valve has been designed to combine comfort and support. With this valve, you get that feeling of having lots of travel available without giving up a sustained behaviour at high speeds. The Blue valve has a more pronounced progressivity, for that reason, it makes the fork more suitable for those riding styles that look for comfort at lower speeds and support at higher speeds.

Red - Race with mildness

The Red valve is designed for a rather special setup. In the race context, we tend to favour a very progressive setting and maybe sacrifice a bit of comfort. With the Red valve, you get a racing setup at high speeds combined with great comfort at low speeds. It’s particularly suitable for those riders who have a fairly central riding position on the bike, and who have basically a very smooth style. The Red valve is the “keep-the-momentum” race option.

Anthracite - E-Bike racing specific

The Anthracite valve is designed for E-Bike Racing, a very new and upcoming discipline. A setting that transfers the behaviour of the Green valve onto the typical stress of the E-Bike. Basically, a heavier bike with greater inertia while braking. The Anthracite valve is suitable for all E-Bike lovers who want to challenge the race field.

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