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Finish Line Tyre Sealant - 1L

Finish Line Tyre Sealant - 1L


This product has been discontinued and is no longer stocked by MTB Direct.
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1000ml Bottle
SKU: 036121711198
1000ml Bottle



The Finish Line Tubeless Tyre Sealant is not just 'another sealant' on the market. Free of latex and ammonia (commonly used in other sealants), it relies on FiberLink technology to fill gaps caused by punctures and stop air loss from your tyre. The fibers are DuPont Kevlar, so as the tyre continues to rotate as you ride on, the FiberLink tightens and strengthens, which locks in the seal and you're ready to continue riding and shouldn't get any grief from that puncture for the remainder of the tyre's life!

This sealant was originally released stating it would last the entire life of the tyre, however, Finishline quickly realised that with the vast amount of tyres on the market and people living in different climates, that the sealant might require additional top ups during the life a tyre. The formula remains the same and it is advised to check up on the tyre in case it needs refreshing like other sealants.

Finish Line sealant is naturally non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe for use on carbon rims.

Dosage recommendations per tyre:

  • 26" & 27.5" - 3-4oz (88-118ml)
  • 29" - 4-5oz (118-147ml)
  • CX & Gravel - 3-4oz (88-118ml)
  • Road - 2-3oz (59-88ml)

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