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Evoc Multi Pouch - 2.5L

Evoc Multi Pouch - 2.5L

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Tools, toiletries, both? The Evoc Multi Pouch can be used for lots of different storage options. Made with heavy-duty Evoc Tarpaulin, it is water-resistant and extremely durable. Better yet, it comes with an attachable hook for hanging it up and has plenty of storage compartments for all kinds of gear.

Who's this item for: Perfect for carrying workshop supplies, personal items or anything else on the road.

Dimensions: It has 2.5L of storage, is 21 x 14 x 5 cm and weighs 280gm.

Pros: Be the envy of all your friends when you arrive at your destination and bring out your Evoc Pouch. Stun onlookers as you hang it up and easily access all your tools or accessories.. but seriously, it's a really handy travel bag.

Cons: Not much really? 
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