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Ergon GS2 Lock On Grips With Barend

Ergon GS2 Lock On Grips With Barend

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The Ergon GS2 Lock On Grips With Barend were developed as a specific marathon and XC grip. The grip's unique internal construction supports the hand using two internal supports individually tuned for perfect rebound and control. The lightweight Direct Control rubber ensure ultimate feel and feedback. The compact 2 finger bar end is made out of a durable fiberglass reinforced composite, with an anti-slip rubber grip. Offering an extra hand position for increased leverage and comfort. 

Who's this item for: This grip is designed for XC and Marathon riders who are looking for a comfortable grip with 2 finger bar ends.

Mounting style: These are a slip-on grip with a single outer clamp alongside the bar ends.

Material: The body is made from 100% German rubber compounds of the purest quality, for comfort and durability.

Pattern: A directional grip texture that is opposite to the direction of hand rotation so your hands effectively screw onto the grip while you're riding.

Features: Ergonomic design that offer greater contact with the hand surface area, versus traditional round grips. Bard ends to offer secondary hand position for the long days in the saddle

Soft / firm: These are a semi firm ergonomic grip. 

End caps: The grip surface extends all the way to the outer edge of the grips with a fully integrated grip end connected to the inner core. There are no end caps.

Diameter: Available in different sizes for best fit.

  • Large XL-XXL glove size. 102mm hand circumference. 
  • Small XS-L glove size.  92mm hand circumference. 

Weight: 222g per set

Tips: Adjusting the angle makes a huge difference. From experience, we have found that these grips work better when the 'wing' is raised up towards a level position. This will keep your wrist straight and reduce the most stress.  

Pros: An endurance MTB grip that provides maximum comfort. The increased leverage that the bar ends offer. Endurance riders will benefit from these grips, especially if you suffer from carpel tunnel issues.

Cons: Ergonomic grips are not for everyone. More aggressive riders should look are traditional round grips.

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