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Enduro 6902 Max-E 15 x 28 x 7-10mm Extended Race Bearing

Enduro 6902 Max-E 15 x 28 x 7-10mm Extended Race Bearing

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15mm 28mm 7-10mm MAX Full Complement Bearing
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SKU: 810191014027
MAX Full Complement Bearing

Regular price $14.95
Regular price Sale price $14.95


This is a special bearing with a 10mm extended race on one side of the cartridge.

Designed specifically for suspension pivots, Enduro Bearings pioneered MAX type bearings almost 20 years ago for bicycles to address the challenges associated with mountain bike pivots.

These bearings have 35-40% more load capacity than standard radial bearings. Enduro accomplishes this with a special design where the maximum number of balls are inserted into the bearing. The race grooves are deeper on these bearings for more lateral support for the twisting and multiple forces associated with mountain bike pivots. LLU seals give maximum protection against the elements while keeping the 90% fill of Almagard Extra High-Pressure Grease inside.

Enduro LLU Type Seals

Similar to the LLB type seal, LLU is a full-contact, dual lip seal riding in a groove on the inner race. With more sealing pressure, these are ideal for pivots or headsets that continually come in contact with dirt, sweat, and dust. The increased seal pressure and 2 lips help retain the 90% grease fill we use on these bearings to better displace any moisture and continually lubricate the balls and races.


  • Dimensions: 15mm x 28mm x 7mm/10mm (Inner race of bearing extended on one side)
  • Internal Construction: MAX (Full complement)
  • Seals: Dual-lip medium/high contact
  • Ball Material: Chromium Steel
  • Ball Grade: 10
  • Races: Chromium Steel
  • Application: Susp Pivots
  • Grease: High-pressure marine

To find the correct bearing, please check your owner's manual. These are premium bearings that are among the longest lasting available, however bearing life is dependent on factors such as weather, maintenance, and installation. Please use correct installation methods and follow your frame's torque specifications. Failure to do so will result in premature bearing wear.

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