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Effetto Mariposa Tappabuco Tubeless Tyre Plug Kit

Effetto Mariposa Tappabuco Tubeless Tyre Plug Kit

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Effetto Mariposa have designed a neat little set of tyre reamers that are intended to be installed as a bar end plug on MTB handlebars. These silicone end caps that house the reamers can also fit a good selection of Shimano and SRAM cranks/bottom brackets as well(if the barrel is 15/20mm in diameter).The tyre plugs are intended to seal holes both small and large just use the appropriate plug to get that hole repaired and get back on track.

Load up a plug on each reamer, install them onto your bike and be ready to seal that tyre like a ninja!

Who's this item for: Any rider that is looking for a neat way to store a set of reamers in their handlebar or crank

What's in the box: One set of reamers with 5 plugs

Compatibility: The internal diameter of the bar or cranks is important here. Any size from 15mm to 20mm will suit well. 15-16mm holes might require some lubrication to make it easier to extract when require.

Pros: Cool idea to take up some otherwise wasted space. Easy to use.

Cons: Does not house the spare plugs. They will need to be carried/stored separately
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