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E-Thirteen Vario 1x Dropper Lever

E-Thirteen Vario 1x Dropper Lever

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Shifter Remote Mount
The E-Thirteen Vario 1x Dropper Lever is the perfect complement to any cable-actuated dropper post out there. The thumb paddle runs on dual cartridge bearings for a light and smooth action and is angle-adjustable for the perfect setup. The grip tape on the thumb pad is something out of a World Cup pro mechanic's playbook, and the Matchmaker compatible body has three mounting points to match any rider preference or cockpit configuration.

Who's this item for: This remote is for anyone running a cable-actuated dropper post that wants to upgrade to a smooth and highly adjustable remote.

Compatibility: This remote clamps the cable so it will be compatible with any type of cable-actuated dropper post. If your setup clamps the cable at the dropper end you can just snip off the little barrel on the cable and clamp it at both ends.

Materials: Alloy body with grip tape on the lever.

Tension adjuster: Yes, it has a high-strength custom barrel adjuster

Weight: 73g

Stand out features: Position of thumb lever is adjustable. 3 mounting holes with Matchmaker compatibility.

What's in the box
  • Dropper lever
  • 22.2mm bar clamp
  • 2000mm Cable and housing
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