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DT Swiss 3-Pawl to Ratchet LN Upgrade Kit

DT Swiss 3-Pawl to Ratchet LN Upgrade Kit

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The Ratchet LN upgrade kit makes it possible to convert DT Swiss 3-pawl hubs to the beloved DT Swiss Ratchet System with just a few simple steps.

Ratchet LN is the entry-level DT Swiss ratchet system and is used in their more affordable hubs such as the 370.

Ratchet LN freehub bodies have a freehub system seal as the 370 hub body doesn't have one. This allows the conversion of 3-pawl hubs to Ratchet LN.

The latest DT Swiss ratchet hubs such as the 350, 240, and 180 have their freehub system seal placed on the hub shell which makes them incompatible with pawl hubs.

The Ratchet LN upgrade kits come with an 18t ratchet, but once the conversion is done they can be upgraded to 24, 36 SL and even 54 SL ratchets if you want faster engagement. The term ""SL"" means that the ratchets are additionally machined to make them lighter (Super Light).

Check under the Links & More Info tab for a video walkthrough of the installation process, links to the required tools, and more information about DT's ratchet technology.

Who's this item for: Owners of DT Swiss 3-pawl system hubs that would like to upgrade to the rather system.

Required Tools:

  • Bench Mounted Vice
  • DT Swiss Ring Nut Installation Tool - Suit 3 Pawl Hub: HXTXXX00N5266S - 7630024333100
  • DT Swiss Ring Nut Installation Tool - Suit Star Ratchet Hub: HXTXXX00N5027S - 7613052136394
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