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DT Swiss 240 Ratchet EXP 6 Bolt Disc Rear Hub

DT Swiss 240 Ratchet EXP 6 Bolt Disc Rear Hub

Brake Rotor Type:
6 Bolt
Freehub Type:
Shimano Microspline
Hub Position:
Hub Spacing:
12x148mm Boost
Spoke Holes:
32 Hole
Spoke Type:
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The new 240 is developed for riders with the most extreme ambitions. The latest version of the hub is equipped with the Ratchet EXP system to maximise reliability. The increased bearing distance increases the lifespan of the bearing, the straight spring provides more direct engagement, which reduces wear, and a smaller number of parts not only makes maintenance easier but also reduces weight.

Built around a pair of interlocking saw-tooth ring gears pressed together with a spring, the simplicity and reliability of the Ratchet EXP system is legendary. End caps that press precisely into position and the availability of interchangeable freehubs and Ratchet Ring-Gears make the 240 a hub you can keep as long as you want.

With 36 points of engagement, the Ratchet EXP36 has a 10° engagement angle. The Ratchet EXP54, available as an upgrade, with its 54 points of engagement produces an engagement angle of 6.7°.

Assembled very carefully using techniques that leave the wheel bearings pre-loaded by the hub axle, the DT Swiss 240 hubs are designed to operate best once the hub has been fitted to the bike and the axle has been tightened to specification. This precise bearing alignment leads to less friction, less wear and ultimately a hub that performs better for longer.

Who's this item for: Discerning riders wanting a Hub that delivers on performance, reliability, serviceability, and weight

Materials: Aluminium Hub Body and Freehub

Engagement: Ratchet EXP 36 with 36 points of engagement and 10° engagement angle

Convertibility: Can be converted between HG, Microspline and XD freehubs. Can be upgraded to Ratchet EXP54 if you want faster engagement. (DT Swiss recommends the 36T ratchet as the sweet spot for most full suspension MTB's and their testing has shown that a faster engagement can interfere with the free movement of the rear suspension with some frame designs.)

Bearing style/amount: Dual sealed cartridge wheel bearings and dual sealed cartridge freehub bearings

Brake rotor mount: 6-Bolt IS Rotor Mount

What's in the box: 1 Complete DT Swiss 240 Hub and XD Freehub driver

Weight: 223g

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