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DHaRCO Women's Gravity Gloves

DHaRCO Women's Gravity Gloves

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Durable, comfortable, and colours to match your favourite Dharco race kit, the Dharco Gravity Gloves are an easy pick for great days out on the trail.

The gloves feature a mid-weight upper for a bit of extra protection and a soft synthetic leather palm for a great feel through the bars. The slip-on cuff makes for easy entry without having to mess about with Velcro, and conductive thread on the thumbs and index finger let you control your devices without having to remove them.

Who's this item for: While these are called Gravity Gloves they are still lightweight with a single layer palm, making them perfect for XC, Trail, Enduro, and DH riders that don't like thick, bulky gloves.

Palm Style: Soft single-layer synthetic leather palm

Additional Protection: There is no TPR protection or anything like that but the upper is a wee bit thicker than on the standard Dharco gloves so they'll ward off branches and trailside debris better and will stand up to crashes better.

Closure or Slip-on: Slip on.

Touch Screen Compatible: Yes, the thumb and index finger have conductive threads.

Sweat Wipe Included: No, but the upper material will still work fine for sweat and nose-wiping duties without any scratchy bits.

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