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Deity Knuckleduster Single Clamp Lock On Grips

Deity Knuckleduster Single Clamp Lock On Grips

Red With Black Clamps
Grip Component:
Single Lock On Grips
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The Deity Knuckledusters are a new take on grip styling with some innovative features that combine the best elements of a half-waffle, mushroom ribbing, and an ergonomic feel. These grips are seriously comfortable and have some magical impact and vibration damping properties that will make it feel like you've just serviced your forks.

The grips feature 32mm outer diameter single clamp design that seamlessly transitions to the end of the grip, allowing you to run your hands as wide as you like without the discomfort of having your palm sitting on a metal clamp. Deity's All-new TRC+ Kevlar infused rubber compound is soft and extremely tacky while still maintaining long-lasting durability. The innovative grip pattern is wrapped around a tapered internal sleeve that eliminates any chance of play once they're fully tapped onto the bars. Available in a range of bold colours to match almost any frame or colour scheme.

Who's this item for: These grips are great for riders looking for a comfortable grip that will provide a good amount of extra squish for their hands. They are well suited to gravity-fed disciplines where there are a lot of jarring impacts but any type of rider can benefit from the all-day comfort these grips provide.

Mounting style: Single clamp lock-on grip with a tapered sleeve for extra solid mounting without any chance of free play or slippage.

Material: Deity's TRC+ Kevlar infused rubber compound with lasered anodized T6 aluminium lockrings.

Pattern: The Knuckledusters use a mushroom pattern with V channel chevron ribs that ergonomically fit the swell of your palm and them seamlessly transition into a recessed half waffle on the underside. This provides amazing vibration and impact damping on the upper side while allowing your fingers to sit perfectly into the grip so you can hang on tight during the rough stuff.

Features: Single clamp lock-on with forward-facing bolts for easy access. Tapered sleeve helps to lock the grips in place once they're tapped onto the bars.

Soft / firm: Deity's All-new TRC+ Kevlar infused rubber compound is soft and extremely tacky, while still maintaining long-lasting durability.

End caps: The grips go all the way to the end so they don't have end caps.

Diameter: 32mm outer diameter.

Length: 132mm

Weight: 101 grams for the set.

What's in the box: 2 grips, 2 6061 T6 aluminium lockrings, 2 bolts

Installation tip: The grips need to be fully inserted onto the bars to work properly but just pushing them on normally isn't enough to bottom them out against the ends of the bars due to the design of the tapered sleeve.

For proper installation whack the end of the grips 3 times with the palm of your hand until the grip fully seats onto the handlebar. If you find the fit is a bit tight due to your particular handlebar, a small amount of isopropyl alcohol can work wonders for lubrication and this will evaporate off cleanly. Finish the install by tightening the hardware to the specs listed on the packaging.

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