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CushCore Tubeless Valves

CushCore Tubeless Valves

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This specially designed tubeless air valve is required for use with each CushCore insert. The air passageway is T-shaped, rather than a simple through-hole. This T-shape prevents the insert from obstructing airflow through the valve. These are sold as a pair and the 55mm option should accommodate deep rim profiles easily. Available in red or green to make you jolly all year round.

Who's this for: Anyone running CushCore who needs to replace and existing valve or wants some spare ones. These can be used on their own without the CushCore inserts.

Length: Available in either 44 or 55mm these will accommodate most rim depths out there.

Rim well compatibility: The permanently bonded, tapered rubber collar suits 99% of all rim well designs.

Removable valve core: Yes, the valve core is removable so you can refill your sealant through the valve stem. They also include a presta valve core remover with this package.

Valve cap type: Anodized, alloy.

Materials: The valve body are CNC machined from 6061 T-6 anodized aluminum. The tapered collar that seals the valve hole is made from rubber, as is the locknut o-ring seal. The valve cap and locknut are also constructed from anodized aluminum. The valve core remover is made from plastic.

Rim protection compatibility: This has been designed to work specifically with CushCore Inner Tyre Suspension System.

Pros: Removable valve cores, the tapered rubber collar suits most rim well designs. Designed to work with CushCore.

Cons: You can choose the colour for stop, or the colour for go, nothing else.

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