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Crank Brothers Klic HV Mini Pump With Gauge And C02 Inflator

Crank Brothers Klic HV Mini Pump With Gauge And C02 Inflator

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With a flexible rubber hose hidden inside the body, a folding handle, a pressure gauge, and even a CO2 inflator, the Klic HV is an improvement over most mini pumps on the market today.

Our favourite feature is the flexible hose, no more struggling with a fixed head mini pump when you're on the side of the trail! The high volume design is perfect for MTB tyres, and at only 26cm long, it will easily stow away in your hydration pack but it comes with a bottle cage bracket as well. When not in use the hose is stored inside the pump, and the magnetic head locks onto the valve with a twisting collar for a secure seal every time. If you have ever struggled with a mini pump before, you'll love the HV Klic.

Who's this item for: If you have a bike with tyres that are 1.8" wide and larger, then this pump is for you.

Gauge Yes / No: Yes, this pump has a gauge on the hose.

Rated pressure: Rated up to a max of 110psi

Pump head type: The head is magnetic and locks onto the valve with a twisting collar.

What valves does it work on: It is compatible with both Schrader and threaded Presta valves. The CO2 inflator is only compatible with Presta valves.

C02 compatible: Yes, this pump is CO2 compatible, but this feature will only work with Presta valves.

Pros: High volume pump is great for mountain bikers. It has a gauge which is great if your thumb isn't calibrated very well. CO2 capability is awesome for race situations or if you need to seat a stubborn tubeless tyre.

Cons: This is a HV pump and is best suited to MTB tyres 1.8" wide and larger. It won't be the greatest for inflating skinny high-pressure tyres.
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