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Continental Der Baron Projekt Tyre

Continental Der Baron Projekt Tyre

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The Continental Der Baron Projekt Tyre has bombproof durability and beefy knobs to give you the confidence to shred, and also the peace of mind that you'll finish the ride safely with energy to spare! Worthy of royal trappings in both name and design, the Der Baron Projekt reigns over the trails with a focus on speed that comes courtesy of its fast-rolling, multi-compound BlackChili composition. This multi-layer rubber compound maintains speed on tacky trails while providing enough grip that you can feel the ground underneath you, and is designed to wear slowly and perform consistently throughout its lifespan. The casing comprises several luxuriously high-TPI layers, including four plies of supple 240 TPI under the well-spaced, knobby tread and three plies of 180 TPI in the sidewall. As a final touch, the ProTection Apex layer provides protection against time devouring punctures as you blast down loose, debris-filled lines.


  • Technical, versatile and sophisticated enduro tyre which is always the right choice.
  • Versatile tread pattern with good rolling characteristics and a sporting weight.
  • Excellent puncture resistance and maximum stability thanks to ProTection Tubeless Ready insert and Apex stiffening.
  • Excellent grip, high mileage and efficient rolling thanks to BlackChili Compound.
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