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Cleanskin Spoke Wrench Tool

Cleanskin Spoke Wrench Tool

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Ensure your spokes are tight and your rim is true with this handy spoke tool from Cleanskin. Featuring the 3 different sizes to cover the most commonly used spokes, make sure you have one of these in your kit.

Who's this item for: Any riders who do their own truing or wheel building.

What Sizes: Has six different sizes:
  • 13G
  • 14G
  • 15G
  • 3.2mm (0.127")
  • 3.3mm (0.130")
  • 3.5mm (0.136")
Material: Made from forged steel for excellent durability and precision.

Pros: Small enough to throw in your bag and works on the three most common sized spokes.

Cons: Does not include the Shimano sizes: 3.4mm and 3.96mm.
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