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Cane Creek VALT Lightweight Progressive Rear Shock Spring

Cane Creek VALT Lightweight Progressive Rear Shock Spring

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Many bikes on the market can suffer from a lack of progression in their suspension design, making them unsuited to coil shocks as they can blow through their travel too easily. Up until recently the only way to address this was to fit a spring that was too stiff and sacrifice small bump sensitivity and traction in favour of bottom-out resistance, or to stick with an air shock.

The Cane Creek VALT Lightweight Progressive Coil Spring addresses this problem by taking their lightweight VALT steel springs and adding in the progressiveness and ramp that hard-charging riders and many frame designs demand. Cane Creek's engineering team have worked their magic to provide riders with a true rise-in-rate spring curve that maintains the set and forget mentality and small bump performance of a traditional coil setup and adds in air-like progressiveness.

The progression begins at 50% of spring compression and the proportional rate increase would be somewhere along the lines of an air shock with 1 volume spacer installed.

Who's this item for: Riders that are dissatisfied with the linear performance of their coil shock and wish to add in some ramp to prevent bottoming out, or to provide more of a platform to pump against.

Material: This is a lightweight steel coil spring.

Weight: 380g - 465g depending on size. Due to the progressive nature of these springs, they are a bit heavier than standard VALT coil springs.

Inner Diameter: 36.5mm

Outer Diameter: 52.5 - 54mm

Compatibility: Compatible with all Cane Creek coil shocks as well as Manitou, Marzocchi, XFusion, ELKA/MRP, BOS, and DSP. Fox Racing coil shocks will also pair with the VALT springs, but require a spring clip adaptor (see link below!).

Not sure which size spring you need? Check out the link to view Cane Creek's spring sizing guide below.

Colour and Finish: White glossy finish.

Pros: Makes it easier to run the correct weight spring on your bike without excessive bottoming. Can make it suitable to run a coil spring on bikes without a progressive rate suspension design.

Cons: Glossy white colour will certainly draw the eye but they might look a bit funny on some bikes.
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