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Cane Creek Replacement Norglide DU Bushing

Cane Creek Replacement Norglide DU Bushing

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Replacement DU bushings for your Cane Creek shocks.  

These bushings have 12.7mm inner diameters and are available in options to suit 15mm or 14mm eyelets. 

15.07mm options are standard metal DU bushings. 15.08 are IGUS polymer bushings. Both will work nicely in 15mm eyelets.

  • 15.07mm and 15.08mm are for the DBinline. 
  • 14.7mm is used on the DBCOIL, DBAIR, and DBAIR CS.

Please note: Older DBCOIL models with a 'C' in the serial number use a 16mm bushing (not stocked).


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