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Cane Creek Hellbender Headset Bearing

Cane Creek Hellbender Headset Bearing

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Top quality replacement bearings for your Cane Creek headset.

Who's this item for: Riders who own a Cane Creek headset and need a replacement bearing for it.

Stand out features: The Hellbender series of headset bearings have an improved seal structure over your standard Cane Creek headset bearings.  Made from high quality stainless steel and featuring more grease than a standard headset bearing these are designed for the worst weather imaginable.  Think Northern Scotland, in mid winter, during a cyclone...

What's in the box: 1 x Cane Creek Hellbender headset bearing.

Pros: Improved seal structure and more grease means longer service life! 36 x 45 degree angles are cross compatible with other Cane Creek headsets.

Cons: Nothing!
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