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Camelbak Repack 4 LR Hydration Pack

Camelbak Repack 4 LR Hydration Pack

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Camelbak's Repack is a reservoir-based waist pack, designed specifically for Mountain Biking. Perfect for riders and racers who need more than a bottle, but don't want to carry a full pack. The Repack LR 4 keeps your water and cargo centred around your waist, leaving your shoulders and back free. Positioned around your waist, you have a lower centre of gravity, granting more mobility on the trail. An extra up-side is that you'll have no more sweaty back and sore shoulders at the end of the day. The Repack includes a 1.5-litre reservoir, storage for keys and a phone, plus integrated tool organisation to keep you prepped for last-minute repairs.

  • Made with Air Mesh material for breathability.
  • Belt with cargo pockets for quick reach storage.
  • Packing volume: 2.5L + 1.5L reservoir
  • Weight: 320g
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