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Buzz Rack eScorpion eBike Rack

Buzz Rack eScorpion eBike Rack

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Designed to carry heavy MTB's and e-bikes, the eScorpion eBike Racks have a high load capacity and great stability with a fully foldable and easy to use design. The rack tilts to allow access to the boot, even with bikes loaded and it sits high on the tow ball, well clear of speed bumps and other hazards such as steep ferry ramps. It has a spot to mount a number plate and 5 function lights to comply with Aussie regulations and it's even got an integrated transport wheel so you can wheel the rack into position before you install it.

Who's this item for: This rack is designed to carry e-bikes but it also works with any other type of bike. With the number plate mount and integrated lights, it's a great solution for anyone that has some bikes to transport and doesn't like getting pulled over by the cops for having an obscured number plate.

How many bikes does it carry: The Buzz Rack eScorpion eBike Rack is available in options to carry either 1 or 2 bikes.

How does it carry them: This is a tray-style rack that supports the weight of the bike via the wheels and has a clamp that attaches to one of the tubes on the frame or the seat post.

How much weight can it carry: The rack has a max weight of 30kg per bike, up to a maximum of 60kg (total) for the 2 bike version.

E-Bike rated: Yep, this is an e-bike rack so it's got that base covered.

How does it mount to the car: This is a tow ball mounted rack and is compatible tow balls up to 4".

Does it tilt or swing to gain access to the vehicle: Yes, this rack can tilt down to allow for rear access, even when it's loaded up with bikes.

What size bikes (wheelbase) can it carry: The wheel holders can accommodate larger wheelbases up to 129.5cm.

What is the max tyre size: The wheel holders can accommodate tyres up to 4" wide.

How much does it weigh / dimensions:
  • eScorpion 1:
    • Weight: 13.5kg
    • Dimensions (width x depth): 134 x 57 cm
  • eScorpion 2:
    • Weight: 18.1kg
    • Dimensions (width x depth): 134 x 72 cm

Does it fold up for storage: Yes, the rack folds up small enough to fit into the back of most cars, even if the boot is full and it has a handle above the tow ball clamp to enable an easy vertical lift when installing it on the vehicle. It also has an integrated transport wheel to save your back when you're moving it around.

Does it include a lock: Yes, the rack can be locked to the towball and the bikes can be locked onto the rack.

Does it have an integrated licence plate holder / brake / reverse lights: You betcha, it has a licence plate holder and 5 function lights integrated into the rack. A 13 pin round connector is required for the lights to function properly.

Pros: A heavy-duty e-bike rated rack that should be able to handle anything you can throw at it.

Cons: These racks are strong but this strength does come with a bit of a weight penalty. You'll need to make sure that your bike and the clamps are super clean before you mount the bike or it may damage the finish as you drive. Also, be careful that you don't do up the clamps to tight when mounting carbon frames. Carbon does not resist crushing forces well.
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