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BOX Three Prime 9 Speed Twin Lever Shifter

BOX Three Prime 9 Speed Twin Lever Shifter

Black - Multi Shift
Shifter Remote Mount:
22.2mm Bar Clamp
9 Speed
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Box shook up the market when they introduced their wide range, 11-50T 9-speed drivetrain. The Box Three is the value option within the Prime 9 lineup. With Prime 9 you still get the wide range offered on competing 12-speed setups but with fewer shifts required to go up and down the gear range. Spend more time riding and less time tinkering with your gears on a Box Prime 9 setup.

Who's this item for: Any rider wanting an 11-50T range in a 9-speed package. Prime 9 drivetrains have less setup required and don't cost an arm and a leg like some of the 12-speed options.

Choose between single or multi-shift options. If you're running an e-bike make sure to go with single-shift as the multi-shift option is not intended for use with e-bikes.

Number of gears: 9 speed, 11-50T gearing.

Weight: 128g

Materials: Glass fibre, nylon composite, steel.

Mount style: The Box Three shifter uses an extruded bar clamp so you'll have to remove your other controls and grips in order to install it.

Shifter cable included: Yep! all box shifters come with a stainless steel shifter cable included. There isn't a cable housing included though so you'll have to grab that separately.

Compatibility: For use with the Box Prime 9 series only. This shifter wont work with older 9 speed drivetrains due to a different cable pull ratio.
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