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Blackburn Multi Tool Big Switch Wrap

Blackburn Multi Tool Big Switch Wrap

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With a different approach to your standard multi-tool platform, the Blackburn Multi Tool Big Switch Wrap allows for easy flat packing into a frame strap or saddle bag, as well as extra leverage force from it's long handled design. The brilliance behind this is the wrap which will allow you to carry a spare tube, up to a 20g CO2 cartridge, and a tyre lever as well. This allows for quick access to the essentials so you can be back up and running quickly if you have a mechanical issue on the trails.

Who's this for:  Any rider wanting a multi-tool to carry with them on rides, that also doubles as a spares carrier. Something that won't take up much room and can be easily stored .

How many tools:  15 tool bits and uses in this little package.

What's included:  T25, T30, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm allen heads, flat head screwdriver, disc pad spread spreader, presta core remover, chain tool, spoke wrench.  It has a long handle that can be configured as an L or T shape tool with the included bits. All housed in a stylish carry case, specifically made for this product.

Weight:  186g

Pros:  Super tidy kit, long handle for high leverage all in a handy wrap

Cons:  Not as simple as a standard multi-tool
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