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Bikeyoke Sagma Saddle

Bikeyoke Sagma Saddle

Rail Material:
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The BikeYoke Sagma is no ordinary saddle. Using an innovative rail suspension system that offers tunable impact and vibration damping through the use of elastomers, the saddle also rocks slightly to follow the movement of your sit bones. This not only aids with comfort and power generation but it also reduces the chances for impact and bruising on your thighs.

The Sagma is a unisex saddle that features a special slow rebound idbead padding that forms to your body shape to reduce pressure on sensitive areas while providing extra support on longer rides.

Who's this item for: Anyone that wants to have a more comfy butt would benefit from this saddle. It has a lot of great features that will help to improve rider comfort, especially on long rides or when you need to have big consecutive days in the saddle.

While sizing is a very personal matter, as a guideline BikeYoke recommends that riders focussing on gravity riding (e.g. Enduro, Freeride, DH) that spend a lot of time out of the saddle would be best off with the 130mm version as it provides more leg clearance on long, hard descents.

Cover: PU skin cover.

Padding: idbead foam technology with low-speed rebound properties. This padding filters out vibrations and will conform to your body shape to reduce pressure on sensitive areas while providing extra support on longer rides.

Shell: Carbon-reinforced shell, available in 130 and 142mm widths.

Rails: Forged AL2014 - T6 Aluminium 7x9mm bolt-on rails will fit any seatpost.

  • 130mm: 210g
  • 142mm: 220g

Stand out features: Innovative suspension rail system helps to absorb impacts and vibration and moves with your sit bones for comfort on long rides. The feel of the saddle can be adjusted by installing different hardness shock absorber units (supplied).

What's in the box:
  • 1pcs SAGMA saddle with 2pcs shock absorbers "regular" installed
  • 1pcs shock absorber "soft"
  • 1pcs shock absorber "hard"
  • BikeYoke sticker
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