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BikeYoke 2X Remote

BikeYoke 2X Remote

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Choose our 2X remote for your dropper if you don't have enough space for a Triggy under your left side handlebar. For example, if you are still running 2-by or 3-by shifting with a front derailleur or if you have another remote for suspension or e-support. It also features our clever "Splits"-clamp, that allows snapping your remote onto your handlebars without having to take off grips or brake levers.

The clamp is made from a high-tech plastic compound with a heat treated stainless steel band which allows for secure clamping forces. The paddle itself is made from 6061-T6 aluminium, black anodized and finished with a dark anodized BikeYoke logo.

Allowing a maximum of 10mm cable pull our 2X is compatible with any known dropper post on the market. The cable is clamped via a screw on the lever itself.

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