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Back Country Research Tulbag

Back Country Research Tulbag

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In keeping with Back Country Research's theme of using the right tool for the job, they introduced the Tulbag. No more will you have to use a mouldy sunglass sock or torn snap bag to carry your spare chain links, multi-tools, CO2 Chuck, keys and other paraphernalia.

The Tulbag is constructed of tough, purpose selected materials. An extra large, easy to grab pull tab operates the heavy duty and waterproof #5 coil zipper. The bag itself is made from a waterproof fabric with an extremely high tensile strength called Terrain XPAC. The back of the bag features waterproof Griptech material that offers exceptional grip while being tear and abrasion resistant. 

The lightweight Tulbag is designed to sit in a jersey pocket and lie flat against your back. It can also be thrown into a hydration pack

It comes in a wide range of colours and is 100mm Long and 125mm wide. The Tulbag is proudly handmade in Bozeman in the US of A.

If you'd like a similar bag, but one that you can put your phone in too, then check out the Back Country Research Fonbag.

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