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Back Country Research Fat Bike Gristle Strap Saddle Mount

Back Country Research Fat Bike Gristle Strap Saddle Mount

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When things get fat, you need the extra width of the Gristle. Designed specifically for Fat and Plus sized tubes, the Gristle is the perfect way to ditch the swinging, noisy PITA that is the saddle bag. With the Gristle strap, everything is pulled in tighter than 2 layers of paint. No more infuriating sack hanging of the back of your seat jingling around. Just the parts you want,  where you want them, ready to go.

The Gristle strap will hold a fat or plus tube, CO2's or a pump, levers, and a multi tool or anything else you'd like to stash back there.

The Gristle strap takes the countless hours of R&D that was put into the Race Strap, and fattens it up a bit.

Construction and material are an all premium affair. There's no cutting corners here. 13 point bartack stitching throughout and 28 point at the ends of the unique dual shock cords. The strap itself is tough as nails webbing that will resist fading and won't bleed. Stitching is taken care of with Polyester threads that are industrial spec, UV and rot resistant.

It'll work on dropper posts and can be washed on a warm cycle.

To Load: Centre your tube over the grippy strip, put the shock cords over each end, flip it over and slide in your other bits and pieces. Mounting is as simple as threading the looped end over the top of your seat rails, feeding the loose end through and reefing it tight. Done.

Built with love in Montana, USA.


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