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Azur Vega 1000 Lumen Led Head Light

Azur Vega 1000 Lumen Led Head Light

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The Azur Vega light kit boasts a super bright 1000 lumens of light output, powered by a rechargeable 7.4V Lithium battery. Its widespread beam is a perfect companion to night-time rides through trails or unlit bike paths where you need a headlight to see the way ahead. The Lithium battery is stored inside a pack that straps to your bicycle frame and the cord also includes a hook and loop velcro strap to secure loose cords to your handlebars out of the way. The lamp will fit on both standard 25.4mm and oversized 31.8mm handlebars as it includes 2 flexible O-Rings.

Who's this item for: People who want widespread vision when riding at night

Battery Type: Lithium battery. When riding, it is stored inside a pack that straps to your bicycle frame

Modes, Output and Runtime: 3 Modes: 100% Brightness (4hrs runtime), 50% Brightness (8hrs runtime), Flash (8hrs runtime)

Charging Method and Time: Plug battery into the supplied charger which plugs directly into wall AC ports. 3-3.5 hours charge time

Mount Type: Flexible O-rings allow the light to be on the handlebars

Beam Angle: Widespread beam

Weight: Light with battery pack weighs 360g

What's in The Box: 

  • 1x Vega 1000 lumen headlight
  • 1x Rechargeable 7.4V Lithium Battery Pack
  • 1x AC Power supply with Type I + Type C Ports for Australia/Europe
  • 1x small O-ring mount (suits 25.4mm handlebars)
  • 1x large O-ring mount (suits 31.8mm handlebars)
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