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AlpineStars Vector Tech Short Sleeve Protection Jacket

AlpineStars Vector Tech Short Sleeve Protection Jacket

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The Alpinestars Vector Tech Short Sleeve Protection Jacket offers some peace of mind when it comes to the exciting but sometimes brutal aspects of Enduro and DH riding—crashing. Featuring removable, slim-profiled, lightweight shoulder guards, a removable ergonomic back protector and segmented chest protection. The Vector Tech Short Sleeve Jacket will help ward off impacts so you can ride for longer.

Who's this item for: DH and Enduro riders and racers who are chasing some quality torso protection.

Protection Style: This short sleeve jacket uses a removable Level 1 CE- certified back protector and CE certified Level 1 PU foam and Viscoelastic blend shoulder protectors. The main body features soft chest and side padding for added impact absorption and comfort.

Materials: The main body of this jacket features lightweight, stretchable mesh with breathable padded inserts located on the chest. Strategically placed panels and a streamlined design ensures the jacket is well-fitting. The rear portion has been elongated for improved performance fit and coverage.

Fitting style: This fits like a snug-fitting t-shirt. The only difference from a t-shirt is the fact this has a zipper running the length of the front of the jacket.

Length of protection: The removable back protection runs from the lower back up in between the shoulders. The shoulder pads cover from the top down over the shoulders.

Protection level: Medium-High. This jacket will keep you safe(r) from the most common of crashes out there. If you're Josh Bender you may need something more.

Removable protective inserts for washing: Yup. The shoulder pads and the ergonomic back protection are removable for washing.

Pros: Solid levels of protection, close-fitting. You can carry your hydration bladder in the back protector pocket, with front and back conduits for a hydration hose. There is also a zippered, padded smartphone compartment on lower back panel.

Cons: Most close-fitting protectors are warm. Australia is also warm. Things can get hot.

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