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100 Percent R-Core-X Limited Edition Long Sleeve Jersey

100 Percent R-Core-X Limited Edition Long Sleeve Jersey

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R-Core X elevates 100 Percent's standard R-Core collection of Downhill/Enduro riding gear to the next level. 4-way stretch materials along with additional weight-saving materials and treatments result in their lightest weight, highest performing line of riding apparel.

The 100 Percent R-Core-X Limited Edition Long Sleeve Jersey gives you all the same performance that the R-Core X line is known for, but it's a limited edition, so it'll give you a few extra style points when out on the trail.

Who's this item for: This jersey is for DH and Enduro riders that want a long-sleeved jersey that won't hold them back when they want to cut loose on the track. It'll also appeal to people that just like looking fast while they're standing still.

Sleeve Length: All the way.

Fit Type: This is a race jersey so it'll be quite fitted for minimal flappage when travelling at speed while still giving you room to sneak a bit of low-profile body armour underneath.

Materials: Polyester/Spandex mesh fabric to reduce body temperature with moisture management & anti-microbial properties.

  • 94% Polyester
  • 6% Elastane

Pockets Position and Quantity: No pockets in this jersey.

Optics Wipe: Yes, it's got an internal lens wipe to keep your eye protection long as you don't sweat too much.

Neck: Semi-V-Neck for freedom of movement without any annoying rubby bits.

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