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100 Percent Accuri Goggles - Fluo Yellow - Clear Lens

100 Percent Accuri Goggles - Fluo Yellow - Clear Lens

One Size Fits Most
Fluo Yellow - Clear Lens
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The Accuri is 100%'s mid tier offering with a quality to match a more top level price tag.

Who's this for: Riders wanting a great set of goggles without breaking the bank

Goggle type/size: Standard sized frame to fit most people.

Stand out features: Anti-fog lens, 45mm extra wide strap.

Lens interchangeability: The lens is held in by a 9-pin design, and is relatively easy to interchange. The lenses are the exact same across the Racecraft, Accuri, and Strata goggles.

Mirrored versions come with a spare clear lens in the box.

Foam: Triple density foam for supreme comfort and moisture management.

Pros: Fantastic value

Cons: ?

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