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100 Percent Accuri 2 Forecast Youth MTB Goggles

100 Percent Accuri 2 Forecast Youth MTB Goggles

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Youth and mud-specific go together so well, don't they? Especially when we're talking MTB and goggles. The Accuri 2 Youth Forecast goggles represent the epitome of a mud specific MTB goggle, with a wider area of clear vision, a smoother lens pull system, advanced cleaning mechanics, and a strap system that holds the goggles motionless.

The Accuri2 Youth goggles provide excellent fitment and seal with a wide field of view thanks to an ultra-thick face foam and youth-specific profile. The anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens takes care of clear vision from the inside while the 45mm lens film looks after the elements from the outside. An improved, smooth-rolling drawstring improves the pulling action and transparent film canisters provide an easy view of the remaining film while the self-cleaning canister with an integrated film wipe reduces mud build-up. They are provided with a 45mm silicone-coated strap for maximum grip in all conditions and a 9-point lens retention system secures the lens in the frame.

Who's this item for: Younger shredders who race in the bud and would prefer to see where they're going!

Goggle Type/Size: Youth sized mud-specific goggle for use with full-face helmets.

Stand out features: Excellent field of view with nice wide film on a youth-specific profile with Ultra-thick foam for better fitment.

Lens interchangeability: Accuri2 and Strata2 use the same lens and they can be swapped out relatively easily.

Foam: Ultra-thick triple-layer face foam soaks up sweat and provides a great fit and seal.

In the Box: Goggles, mud flap, 2 rolls of film, and microfibre bag

Pros: This is a great youth-specific google providing an excellent field of view and some clever mud-shedding features.

Cons: Can't see any from where I'm sitting.

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