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Smoove Universal Chain Lube

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A favourite amongst teams riding the gruelling Cape Epic in South Africa, Smoove Lube is a water-based wax emulsion lube that has the best qualities of both oil and wax, but it won't attract dirt, disappear quickly or flake off. It is designed to be long-lasting and keep your drivetrain clean and free from grime,

For best results apply to a thoroughly cleaned and dry chain, and allow at least an hour to dry before riding. Smoove recommends that you use this lube in conjunction with their Smoove Prep chain cleaning solution to ensure that the chain will be clean enough for the lube to penetrate and adhere to it properly.

Who's this item for: Anyone who wants lube that will last a long time while keeping their drivetrain clean and free from horrible squeaky noises.

Style of chain lube: This is a water-based wax emulsion lube so it will go on wet and will dry to what Smoove refer to as a "plastic state" that is neither solid nor liquid.

Suitable conditions: Smoove claim that this lube is suitable for use in both wet and dry conditions - must be why the Cape Epic racers like it so much!

Pros: Long-lasting and versatile chain lube that will keep your drivetrain clean and quiet. 

Cons: Takes at least an hour to dry so you'll need to make sure that your bike is prepped and ready to go before your rides. Last-minute applications in the car park won't really cut it with this lube.To purchase Smoove Prep Chain Cleaner, Click Here.

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