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Wera Bicycle Set 1 Click Torque Wrench With Textile Box and Sockets

Wera Bicycle Set 1 Click Torque Wrench With Textile Box and Sockets

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Wera makes exceptional quality innovative tools driven by questioning what we consider normal or acceptable. While these are professional-level tools, they are packed full of features that any budding bike mechanic will appreciate.

The Bicycle Set 1 is an ultra-compact 16-piece torque wrench set for bike applications with a 2.5 - 25 Nm torque wrench and an assortment of 1/4" drive Hex, Torx and common sockets.

The Click-torque A 5 Torque Wrench is a 1/4" drive wrench with a reversible ratchet direction and a measurement range from 2.5Nm to 25Nm ±4%. The torque value dial is indexed to help set and maintain your settings and the large display indicates the current value in lb/ft and Nm on both coarse and fine scales. An audible and tactile click can be heard and felt on reaching your desired torque value.

The Click-torque A 5 Torque Wrench is complimented by 4 sockets with 1/4" drive, 7 Hex Plus hexagon bit sockets and 4 Torx bit sockets all housed securely in a fold-out textile coated 'box' that is both robust and practical.

The unique 'Holding Function' of the HF series of Hex and Torx bits holds the screw or bolt to the tool making it easy to insert it into hard to access places or blind holes. The Hex-Plus profile is said to increase the surface area of contact between the tool and Hex socket preventing damage and allowing up to 20% more torque to be applied.

Who's this item for: Home mechanics through to professional mechanics will appreciate the quality and features of the Bicycle Set 1 and Click-Torque A 5 torque wrench.

How many tools: There are 16 tools in a robust fabric carrying 'box' that opens to lay flat on your workbench with individual keepers for each tool.

What does it include: This kit includes a Click-torque A 5 1/4" drive torque wrench, 10,13,14 and 15mm sockets, T10, T20, T25 and T30 Torx bits, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm Hex Plus bits with Hold Function as well as extra-long (100mm) 5mm and 6mm Hex Plus bits with Hold Function.

Driver size: The A 5 torque wrench is 1/4" drive as are all the bits so there are no annoying adapters to swap.

Dimensions and Weight: 335 x 110 x 65mm 1180g

Materials: Not stated buy Wera, but we suspect a mix of Chrome Vanadium and High Carbon Steel and the torque wrench has a plastic handle.

Torque range: 2.5 to 22Nm ±4%

Display: A nice large display clearly shows the current torque value in lb/ft and Nm in a coarse and fine window.

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