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Towwhee Connect Ebike Tow Bungee Pack

Towwhee Connect Ebike Tow Bungee Pack

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The fastest and most universal TowWhee ever! Everything you need to tow any bike with any bike all in one! Featuring a new sewn-in ultra-fast connection stem hook and quick loop with carabiner, this all in one kit comes complete with a storage stuff sack so you are ready anywhere you go.

Easy to use & lightweight TowWhee adventure tow bungees are designed to help tow riders up even the biggest hills or mountains. The perfectly tuned bungee creates a wonderful soft floating feeling for both users & is the most fun and safe towing solution on the market! The safety sleeve prevents over-stretching and it will not dangle or get caught in wheels.

Built long & tough, the MoTowWhee is designed for the big adventures an Electronic Bicycle or Motorcycle will take you on.

You can hook your bicycle up to your friend with an E-Bike or pull a broken motorcycle back to the truck. Small and lightweight to keep in your pack this super stretchy tow bungee will keep you prepared just in case a tow is necessary.

Relaxed it is 72" and stretches out to 192". The bungee is actually tuned very soft so it can be used for almost any activity including towing kids on bicycles to make it a one size fits all product.

The instant connect stem hook cord keeps its memory for a firm hold on the back of the stem in technical terrain. A carabiner loop is sewn in for universal quick loop connections to any style of bicycle.

WARNING: Towing motorcycles is extremely dangerous! Go slow and have clear communication.

Who's this item for: Parents, friends, family members, anyone who wants or needs to tow someone else on a bike, behind their bike.

Number of occupants: One.

Max occupant weight: The lightweight tow strap contains a military-grade bungee cord inside with a 680kg rated webbing. You should be fine to tow your kids or friends.

How is the occupant carried: You loop one end of the TowWhee around the stem of the bike to be towed and the other end around the nose of the tower's saddle. There is an optional Quick-Loop attachment available too.

Materials: TowWhee consists of a high stretch bungee cord inside an ultra-strong hollow webbing.

Dimensions / weight: At full length the strap is 480cm. When relaxed/slack it's 180cm. It weighs less than 200-grams.

Folds for storage: Stores easily as it's rope.