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Spank 350 Rear Wheel

Spank 350 Rear Wheel

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The Spank 350 Rear Wheel is a weight-optimised wheelset ideal for Trail/AM/Enduro bikes looking for a wide profile Low sectional profile height and wide width, adds radial compliance while keeping high lateral stiffness 30mm internal width.

Spank's radial compliant design offers better traction and reduces wheel deflection and negative feedback, which is super important when you are pinning it through rock gardens. They also feature Spank's Lateral Stiffness, BeadBite Anti-burp, OohBah Inverted Inner Wall technologies.

These wheels do not ship with a freehub. See the link to purchase these below.

Who's this item for: Designed for Trail/AM/Enduro shredders these wheels can handle pretty much anything you can throw at them.

Spank Hex Rear Hub

  • Freehub: These wheels do not ship with a freehub so this will need to be purchased separately.
  • Materials: Made with a CNC optimised alloy hub body.
  • SPANK’s HEX DRIVE 102T technology delivers 3.5° engagement, for almost instant pickup
  • 6 independent pawls with 3 steps per pawl, work in unison, meaning 18 engagement points per click
  • Bite-Block Alloy HG and XD Freehub bodies resist damage from cassettes without the weight penalty of steel
  • Unique flange design reduces dish requirement and minimises tension range between drive side and non-drive side spokes
  • Advanced seal system improves prevention of bearing/drive system contamination
  • Rotor: 6 bolt brake rotor standard
  • Spoke hole count: 32H spoke count with 3 cross lacing for added strength.

Convertibility: Yes, they are convertible to 10x135, 12x135, Boost QRx141. Adapters sold separately.


  • Tubeless: Yes, They are tubeless-ready rims and come pre-taped and include tubeless valves. They feature bead bite technology which increases tyre retention.
  • Rim Dimensions: Both rims have an internal diameter of 30.5mm which makes them perfect for fitting tyres between 2.0"- 2.6", without the negative squaring off of tyre profiles. They have an External Diameter of 35mm.
  • Spokes: J-Hook, triple-butted 2.2/1.8/2.0
  • Nipples: They feature Brass nipples.

Weight: 1970(27.5"), 1987(29")

Pros: Really durable wheel that is ready to send big out of the box! They feature lots of technology including Radial Compliance, Lateral Stiffness, BeadBite Anti-burp, OohBah Inverted Inner Wall.

Cons: These wheels are built to withstand a good deal of punishment so they are not the lightest.

No freehub included so you'll be free to choose the one you need separately.

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