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Park Benchtop Small Parts Holder

Park Benchtop Small Parts Holder

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Are you fastidious when it comes to your workbench? Were you in the running for Knolling World Champs in 2018?  Do you want to be next year? The Park Tool Benchtop Small Parts Holder helps you keep small items separated and organized.  Additional radness- the clear acrylic lid is a great spot to stick your favorite brand stickers!

Who's this item for: Professional bike mechanics and home tinkerers. This is one of the best ways to keep your bench clean.

What does it include:

  • 1 x stainless steel container with a hinged clear acrylic lid
  • 4 x bins to store small items like outer end caps and gear cable ends or other items you hold dear to your heart.

Materials: The JH-1 is constructed from stainless steel, acrylic and plastic.

Dimensions and Weight: 305 x 140 x 90mm, weight is unknown.

Pros: One of the best ways to store small items and have easy access to them. 

Cons: I wish they made a version that was a meter long!

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