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Northwave Rebel 3 Shoes

Northwave Rebel 3 Shoes

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The Northwave Rebel 3 is a pure, off-road, performance shoe for discerning XC, Gravel, and Trail riders alike.

The dual SLW3 X-Dial closures, the only dial with step-by-step and full release in a single button, provide excellent pressure distribution across the top of the foot while the BioMap unibody construction of the upper has a more anatomical, wraparound design which pulls your foot down into the Performance Regular footbed with minimal pressure points, greater support and minimal energy loss to the pedals.

The multi-layer synthetic upper balances weight, protection, and breathability with a combination of strategically placed large mesh inserts, ultrathin reinforced synthetic materials, and ventilation holes to deliver unrivalled breathability and targeted stability. Add to this the thermo-welded TPU reinforcement on the heel and toe areas and you've got a shoe that looks after you in more ways than just performance.

The Rebel 3 features a carbon-reinforced nylon XC 12 Sole with a full-carbon insert in the pedal area and a stiffness index of 12.0 out of 15 for excellent transfer of power from the legs to the pedals. There's flex built into the medial zone to mitigate some of the trail chatter and offer some comfort off the bike too.

The Minimal XC rubber grip on the sole offers great traction for those off-bike efforts and there are TPU inserts in strategic points to ensure high traction and outstanding wear resistance.

Who's it For: XC/Cyclo/Gravel/Marathon racers looking for a stylish, lightweight, high-performance shoe

Pedal Interface: The Rebel 3 is designed for use with clip-in pedals

Closure: Dual SLW3 X-Dail closures

Upper Materials: Layered and welded synthetic inner/outer materials in a unibody construction

Sole Materials: Carbon-reinforced XC12 sole with rubber grip and TPU tread inserts

Sole Type: Minimal XC Tread with TPU inserts

Weight: 634g (EU42)

Sizing Guide: Northwave shoes are sized to provide a classic tight cycling fit through the midfoot with room in the toe box

Cleats: Compatible with all 2-bolt MTB cleat systems

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