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Muc-Off Athlete Performance Creams

Muc-Off Athlete Performance Creams

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Help your body out with the Athlete Performance creams developed by Muc-Off.

Athlete Performance creams provide everything you need to help your muscles out on your ride. The different creams (detailed below) provide benefits to suit the type of ride you are on. They will help you charge harder, ride longer and rebuild your muscles stronger.

Warm Up Cream

Laugh in the face of cold weather! The Luxury Warm Up Cream will warm, strengthen and stimulate your body and ensure you are in the best possible condition, ready to face all that mother nature can throw at you!

An innovative mix of natural extracts and Muc-Off's intelligent ‘self-thinking’ heating system actively controls the warming temperature provided to your muscles. This primes the treated areas to ensure you are in an optimal condition before you start a training session or competition.

Tip: If you are combining our Warm Up cream with an Amino cream, always apply the Amino cream first.


  • For use indoors or outdoors at temperatures above 2 ̊C and in damp weather conditions
  • Does not contain any materials that are prohibited by WADA
  • A non-toxic, skin-friendly, plant-derived natural formula

Explosive Power

If you need to sprint or charge sections of the trail, Explosive Power Cream will give you an advantage. This cream is applied directly to the skin and will increase your muscles cell volume. The formula increases oxygen and nutrients meaning you'll be able to charge harder, longer and faster!

  • Give your body long-lasting explosive power.
  • No banned ingredients.
  • Amino Arginine increases oxygen and nutrients.
  • Perfect for sports where explosive power is needed.
  • Increases muscle's cell volume capacity.
  • Non-toxic formula is skin-friendly.
  • Will not cause digestive problems.

Ultra Endurance

During intense training and competition, waste products like lactic acid and ammoniac can build up and decrease your performance. Muscles are also naturally broken down during exercise and proteins, which are built from groups of amino acids, play a vital role in building and repairing muscles.

The Ultra Endurance Cream uses specially advanced ‘Amino Patch’ technology to help protect your muscle cells against lactate accumulation which is the main reason for exhaustion.

The benefit of using Amino acids in a cream is that you can feel them working almost instantly, they are being delivered into the bloodstream directly through the muscles rather than having to be ingested like tablets. Muc-Off's cream enables precise application of amino’s, directly to the most important muscles used in your sport. A tablets effectiveness can be reduced as it has to pass through your digestive tract before it even gets close to a muscle!

Tip: Combine Amino Ultra Endurance and Amino Explosive Power for combined strength and endurance sports.

  • The Amino Taurine helps convert Glycogen into Glucose which is your muscles main fuel
  • Does not contain any materials that are prohibited by WADA
  • Developed specifically for Endurance athletes to help combat the build-up of lactic acid
  • Reduces arm pump for MX, Downhill MTB or Motorsports
  • Increases muscle’s cell volume capacity, achieving greater muscle/protein synthesis
  • A non-toxic, skin-friendly, plant-derived natural formula
  • Does not interfere with the body’s digestive system

Recovery Balm

Often overlooked, recovery is an extremely important part of fitness. The Amino Glutamine increases glycogen storage and muscle hydration. This will help muscle regenerate and come back stronger!

  • Amino Glutamine increases glycogen storage.
  • No banned ingredients.
  • Increases protein synthesis and energy metabolism. Perfect for recovery.
  • Non-toxic formula is skin-friendly.
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