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Magicshine MOH 35 Front 1000 Lumen LED Light

Magicshine MOH 35 Front 1000 Lumen LED Light

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Magicshine's MOH35 headlamp is a perfect companion for your nighttime adventures, with 1000 Lumens of output power available and up to 120m of throw with a 4000mAh battery to take your adventures long into the night.

The light head has an IP rating of IPX6, meaning it is protected against high-pressure water streams from any angle, and contains separate CREE brand LEDs for Spot, Flood and Red applications. The main white spot light has 4 output levels of 30, 100, 400 and 1000 Lumens, while the warm flood light function provides 5, 50, or 100 Lumens output and the red setting swaps between 5 and 100 lumens as well as an SOS flash mode. The light head can be tilted up to 60° making the MOH35 suitable for a number of activities.

The two-strap elastic headband keeps the front-mounted light head and rear-mounted proprietary battery securely mounted and supported whilst remaining comfortable to wear. When the light head and battery are connected the IPX6 rating applies to the entire system meaning rain, hail or snow should not be an issue on your adventure.

Powered by 1x 18650 Lithium-Ion cell with 4000mAh capacity, the battery pack is charged and discharged via a single USB Type-C port that can also be used as an emergency power bank if needed, to recharge your phone or GPS.

Although it uses a similar looking connector, the battery of the MOH35 is not compatible with any other Magicshine light.

Who's this item for: Adventurers looking for a powerful headlamp with extended run times that's not too bulky.

LED Type: Magicshine don't provide specifics in their specifications (ironic, I know) but they do state that all three LEDs are CREE brand and that there is one 1000 Lumen white used for Spot beam, one 100 Lumen warm used for flood beam and one 100 Lumen red.

Battery Type: 1x 18650 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion cell with 4000mAh capacity.

Modes, Output and Runtime:

Main Spot (white):
Low: 30lm 62:00 hrs
Mid: 100lm 13:40 hrs
High: 400lm 08:20 hrs
Turbo: 1000lm 02:10 hrs

Flood (warm):
Low: 5lm 240 hrs
Mid: 50lm 60 hrs
High: 100lm 18:30 hrs

Low: 5lm 230hrs
High: 100Lm 10 hrs
SOS: Flash Days

Charging Method and Time: Charged via USB-C at 5V up to 3A at around 2-3 hours to fully recharge

Mount Type: The light head mounts via a concentric pivot and cable entry, to a rigid plastic mounting plate with three strap loops. An adjustable headband goes around the head and another up and over your head from front to back. Additionally, there is a mounting at the rear strap junction for the battery.

Beam Angle: Not specified by Magicshine on this one but with both Spot and Flood beam patterns available you're sure to find a setting suitable for your needs.

Waterproof Rating: Both the light head and battery, when connected, are rated to IPX6 meaning they protected against high-pressure water streams from any angle, as a system. This is great reassurance when the weather turns foul.

Weight: The whole system is 107g

What's in The Box:

  • 1 x MOH35
  • 1 x Battery pack
  • 1 x Headband
  • 1 x USB-C cable
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 1 x User Manual
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