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Ion K-Pact Knee Pads

Ion K-Pact Knee Pads

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The K-Pact Knee Pads have been in Ion's line up for quite a few years now. They have seen some minor revisions over the last few years, mainly in the breathability department. Most of the knee pad remains unchanged- which isn't a bad thing. The K-Pact Knee Pad has been a top performer since it's inception. Comfy enough to pedal in but sturdy enough to bomb DH tracks with. Awesome.

Who's this item for? This knee pads is a great option for DH, Enduro and aggressive Trail riders.  It's comfy enough to put in big shifts on the pedals and provides enough protection to keep you safe if you do take a soil sample.

Protection Style? The Ion K-Pact Knee Pads are a impact resistant foam style protection. The key to their high protection levels are due to a very clever material called SAS-TEC. SAS-TEC's 3D-protectors are made of visco elastic soft foam that offer incredible shock absorption values. They are multi-impact compliant, adapt to body contours and are heat resistant. There is also asymmetrical lightweight EVA side padding for protection from other odd impacts and top-tube contacts.

Materials? The K-Pact Knee Pad features a new, very breathable sleeve material: the Super_Perforator_Neoprene provides maximum breathability even on long uphills. The neoprene sleeve is very flexible and conforms to the shape of your knee. The knee caps are covered in Power_Aramid, which is a material originally designed by DuPont. This material offers outstanding tear resistance and tensile strength. For those that like to know the finer construction details: 35% Neoprene, 35% Polyurethane, 15% Nylon, 8% Polyester and 7% EVA

Closure or Slip-on? These are a 'slip-on' style knee pad with Velcro straps at the top and bottom of the pads that are used to adjust the fit. There's also a strip of silicone inside to help keep them from sliding down. There is a nice section of mesh material right at the back of the knee to help with temperature control.

Length of knee pad? The Ion K-Pact Knee Pads fit from above knee to the top of the shin.  

Removable protective inserts for washing? Yes,  the SAS-TECH protective inserts are removable for washing purposes.  

Pros? Comfortable enough to pedal all day in but protective enough for DH use. Win! Win!

Cons? If your body naturally runs at similar temps to a pizza oven you may find these knee pads a bit warm. They do breath much better than they used to but anyway you look at it comfy neoprene is warmer than mesh material. 

Note: Please take care as to not pull the knee pads up your leg from the top of the pads as you would a pair of socks. The material is not designed for this and may cause tears. Damage to the knee pads of this nature may not be covered by the manufacturer warranty. We recommend pulling up knee pads from the top and bottom of the pad with care, in a way that avoids stretching the mesh or damaging the stitching.

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