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Fox 7 Piece Rear Shock Mounting Reducer Kit

Fox 7 Piece Rear Shock Mounting Reducer Kit

8mm x 49.78mm - 1.96 Inch - Offset
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These 7-piece shock hardware kits from Fox are new for 2021. The new kits come with 2x crush washers with raised domed portions that are depressed before installation to size them to the exact width of the hollow pin to take up any slack and eliminate play between the frame and hardware.

The hardware is backwards-compatible with older shocks and each kit includes the bushings and hardware for one shock eyelet. You will require 2 kits to do a full shock.

What's included:

  • 1x black hollow pin
  • 2x beige flanged bushings
  • 2x thin O-rings
  • 2x black Delrin spacers
  • 2x black crush washers

No shock mounting bolts included. They are frame specific and come with your bike.


  • Install the flanged bushings by hand or with a soft jawed vice.
  • Install the black hollow pin and centre it within the shock eyelet.
  • Install the o-rings in the recesses on each flanged bushing.
  • Install the black Delrin spacers.
  • Install the black crush washers with the domed parts facing out.
  • Use a soft jawed vice to compress the domes on the crush washers by tightening the vice until the jaws hit the pin.
  • The hardware is now fully assembled and ready to fit on the bike.

See the link to the complete installation instructions on the Fox website below!

Please note:

  • Consult the specs for your bike on the manufacturer's website, or in your frame's manual if you're not sure which size you need.
  • Some frames use different sizes on the front and back.
  • This kit does not include shock bolts. They are specific to each frame and will come with your bike.
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