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FirstBIKE Limited Edition Kids Bike With Air Tyres

FirstBIKE Limited Edition Kids Bike With Air Tyres

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Big Apple tyres and limited edition colours!

We all remember the first time we rode without training wheels, however, there's a new way to speed up the learning process! Balance bikes often called kicked bikes, teaches your kid how to balance while letting them put their feet down at any time. This method will effectively teach your child the joy of two wheels as early as 22 months (with optional lowering kit)! The model you are viewing features Schwalbe Big Apple tyres making this one of the faster offerings in their line-up.

Read on to learn about all the great benefits.

Why are balance bikes better?

Balance bikes offer several great features which will encourage confidence while being fun at the same time:

  • They are MUCH lighter.
  • Kids can put their feet down at any time = Encourages confidence.
  • They learn balance immediately, this is the biggest drawback of training wheels.
  • The lack of training wheels allows your child to master cornering at the same time.

What sets the FirstBIKE apart from other brands?

The FirstBIKE is by far our favourite balance bike. They utilise several great features that improve safety and encourage faster learning.

  • Limited steering range prevents crashes.
  • No-slip, tool-free saddle.
  • Nearly indestructible.
  • Adjustable brake.
  • Designed with no sharp objects, bolts, etc.)

Please note: These bikes come disassembled, but assembly is easy! Please check out the video below.

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