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Cane Creek Aheadset Star Nut For 1-1-8th Steerer Tube

Cane Creek Aheadset Star Nut For 1-1-8th Steerer Tube

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A star nut is used in threadless headset assemblies to act as a nut to the bolt that goes through your top cap and helps to pull the entire assembly together before being held together by your stem steerer bolts. They are pressed or knocked into the inside of the steerer tube and are shaped such that they cannot be pulled back up.

Once your headset is together and the right amount of spacers are provided below and above your stem, such that there is at least 3mm gap between your top cap and the top of your steerer, the top cap bolt is threaded into the star nut which pulls the fork up while the top cap pushes down on the stem and spacers. This is referred to as pre-loading the headset bearings. Once the headset is pre-loaded, you can tighten your stem bolts to hold the headset assembly together.

Star nuts that are not correctly installed or suffer from fatigue due to not being properly adjusted, will come loose and occasionally pull out. It's good practice to install a new star nut on new or replacement forks, and when fitting a new headset.

This genuine Cane Creek star nut is for use on all 1 1/8" straight steerers as well as all 1 1/8" to 1 1/2" tapered steerers, both steel and aluminium, and is compatible with all standard M6 x 1.0 threaded top cap bolts.

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