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Back Country Research Mutherload Frame Mount 1 Inch Strap

Back Country Research Mutherload Frame Mount 1 Inch Strap

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The Mutherload is the perfect solution for Trail, All Mountain and Enduro riders that want a simple, secure way to carry their spares without having an irritating saddle bag.

It's a simply genius design that uses 2x shockcords to hold onto your spares while a one inch thick strap locks it onto the frame. It'll fit any frame with a circumference as small as 4 inches (steel frame) up to a huge 9 inch circumference monster.

Hand made in Montana, USA from the very best of materials. The shock cords stress points use heavy duty bartacks to ensure your goods aren't going anywhere and nor will they damage your frame. The Mutherload is hand sewn with #92 industrial UV and rot resistant bonded polyester thread. Need to give it a clean up? No problems, just hose it off or chuck it in the wash.

It'll fit a standard tube + levers + multi tool + levers and a mini pump or 2 x Co2's. Or any combination suits you!

To load your goods in, simply line up your tube in the centre of the grip strip, pul the dual shock cords up and over the tube and that'll lock your tube in. Flip the Mutherload over and slide in your choice of inflating device, multi tools and levers. To mount it up to your bike: Place it where you'd like it to sit on your frame with the tube and shockcoreds facing the frame, then just feed the slack end through the contoured loop and reef it tight! The intuitive design is super quick and easy to install and ensures your buddies aren't waiting too long while your trying to reuse old sticky tape!

Our favourite part about the Mutherload is that since all the goods are pulled down tight, there is no rattling about! Nice and quiet!

The one inch wide strap will easily fit into any tight spaces. It'll mount just about any where on your bike and is guarateed not to spin around your chosen tube.

Finally you can thow that attrocious duct tape that's stinking up your bike in the bin and get a proper solution!

As used by 2 x EWS world Champ Richie Rude of the Yeti Cycles Factory Team.

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