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absoluteBLACK Direct Mount Narrow Wide Chainring

absoluteBLACK Direct Mount Narrow Wide Chainring

Chainline Offset:
6mm Non Boost
Chainring Fitment:
Chainring Mount:
Direct Mount
Chainring Shape:
Tooth Count:
12 Speed
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absoluteBLACK is dedicated to producing the world's finest oval chainrings and were the first to crack the code to discover the correct shape and 'clocking' to make an oval chainring work. They learned how to maximize the part of the stroke where power is produced and minimize resistance where it isn't. The oval shape smooths the delivery of power throughout the pedal stroke and improves efficiency and energy conservation. Many other brands have followed suit with similar designs, but what sets absoluteBLACK apart is that they don't rely on the same formula across all sizes. The shape and timing of the oval is unique for every chainring size to ensure the pedalling solution is optimised for each.

Every absoluteBLACK chainring is designed and manufactured in Europe with premium materials and outstanding attention to detail. Not every oval chainring out there is equal to an absoluteBLACK.

Note: As every chainring size has a unique shape and design, the chainring you receive may not be an exact match for the image displayed.

Who's this item for: These are perfect for any rider looking for a premium chainring that will improve the power delivery and efficiency of their pedal stroke. XC, Trail, and Enduro riders will love the benefits these chainrings provide.

Number of teeth: 28 - 40T depending on the model chosen.

Mounting style: These direct mount chainrings available in options to suit RaceFace Cinch, SRAM and Shimano Direct mount.

Offset options: Available in 3mm (Boost) and 6mm (non-Boost offsets)

Chain retention technology: These chainrings use absoluteBLACK's unique narrow-wide tooth profile for optimal chain retention.

Weight: Varies between models but could be somewhere within the realm of 52g for a 28T to around 75g for a 36T.


  • 9-12 Speed options are compatible with 9, 10, 11 and 12spd Eagle.
  • 12 Speed Shimano options must only be used with Shimano Hyperglide+ 12 speed chains (due to different thickness of the teeth).

Pros: Premium design and manufacturing. Optimised pedal stroke to enhance your power delivery while saving your energy.

Cons: Oval chainrings aren't for everyone and they might feel a bit weird or 'lumpy' until you get used to them.

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