No one knows suspension like Öhlins, their proprietary technologies – developed from multi-discipline know-how help you ride smoother, faster and push the boundaries of your mountain biking.

Öhlins Mountain Biking Suspension: Elevate Your Ride Experience

Explore the pinnacle of mountain biking suspension technology with Öhlins. Their range is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance, control, and comfort on any trail.

Let's delve into the key features of their signature products:

Öhlins TTX22M.2 Coil Shock

Next-Generation Big-Hit Suspension

  • Improved Bottom Out: The TTX22m.2 features a new bump rubber design for improved mid-to-end stroke control and consistent support.
  • Easy Stroke Adjustment: Effortlessly change spring and stroke with no special tools or shock disassembly, optimising shock performance and sag.
  • Wider Adjustment Range: The blue trail high-speed compression valve provides a wider adjustment range for more customisation options.

Öhlins DH38 M.1 Race Fork

Unmatched Adjustability and Sensitivity

  • Race-Winning DH38 Platform: The DH38 m.1 combines our race-winning DH38 platform with key upgrades for the best downhill fork ever created.
  • Enhanced Plush Feel: Redesigned seals, new lubes, and greases boost traction, control, and comfort, even on the most demanding courses.
  • TTX Twin-Tubed Damping: Utilising the TTX twin-tubed damping system, this fork offers unrivalled control and flawless damping in all riding conditions.

Öhlins RXF36 M.2 Trail Air Fork

Built for Tough Trails and Enduro Racing

  • Race-Proven TTX18 Cartridge: The lighter and super progressive fork features our race-proven TTX18 cartridge for exceptional performance.
  • Optimised Design: The TTX18 cartridge kit, derived from our DH38 Race Fork, includes an 18mm piston for ultra-sensitive tracking over small bumps.
  • Unrivalled Traction Control: Increased damping pressure bandwidth and enhanced valve response ensure unrivalled traction control and ultra-consistent performance.

Öhlins TTX2 Air Shock

Twin-Tube Damping for Progressive Suspension Systems

  • Higher Volume Air Spring: Specifically designed for bikes with more progressive linkage ratios, the TTX2Air offers greater freedom to adjust the spring curve.
  • Trunnion Version: The double-can, higher volume design allows for fitting a longer shock within a more compact frame area in the Trunnion version.
  • Unrivalled Sensitivity: The TTX2Air delivers the sensitivity, control, and flawless all-conditions damping Öhlins is renowned for.