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So who is MTB Direct?

Over 200,000 orders and counting!

We've been working since 2012 to bring you all the latest MTB goodies at globally competitive prices!

Collectively we’ve spent a lot of time in the industry and know a thing or two about mountain bike gear. Founders Michael and Tim ran a premium mountain bike store in Brisbane, starting out from underneath the family home while Michael was still in high school, and building it into an iconic retail store with a cult following. Then of course boy meets girl, and so Jen and Mel both joined the scene in the years that followed and worked on various parts of the existing store.

As fun as running a bike shop can be, we soon realised that what got us really excited was selling online - we can offer more great stuff, at better prices, to a much larger crew of riders! And so - MTB Direct was born.

We’re proud to be an Australian business that makes it possible to buy locally at prices that are globally competitive. We aim to compete with the big overseas online retailers by working closely with our suppliers, organising some very awesome deals and selling to you at the best prices we can.

We are stoked to have a team of passionate MTB experts on board to help you with any questions you might have, and make sure we're stocking all the best MTB gear.