Gravity Enduro

Gravity Enduro, the discipline that reconnects you with the essence of why we all fell in love with riding bikes. It's about cruising uphill with your friends, sharing stories along the way, and then challenging them to thrilling downhill races. It's the very spirit of mountain biking that reminds us why we started this incredible journey in the first place.

What is Gravity Enduro racing?

Gravity Enduro is a form of competitive mountain biking that combines the technical challenges of downhill riding with the endurance demands of cross-country racing.

Unlike traditional downhill races, where riders race one stage downhill against the clock, Gravity Enduro features a format that is more akin to a multi-stage rally.


Essential Gear for Your Gravity Enduro Race: Prepare for the Thrills

Participating in a Gravity Enduro race is an adrenaline-pumping adventure that demands the right gear to ensure both safety and performance.

This thrilling discipline combines the intensity of downhill racing with the endurance of cross-country riding. To help you get ready for the challenge, we'll walk you through the essential gear you need for your Gravity Enduro race.



Go Bigger. CushCore absorbs 50% of the impact force from big hits.
Corner Harder. CushCore increases sidewall support by 35% providing stable, predictable cornering and virtually eliminating tire burp.
Ride Faster. CushCore reduces 12% of shock and vibration, increasing traction and control while reducing rider fatigue.


Build your dream Enduro machine

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