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A good pair of shoes can make a world of difference to your ride. Protect your feet from rockstrikes and choose between flats or clip in cleats depending on your personal preference. If you're not sure which way to go, check out our blog comparing Clipless vs Flats: here

79 Products
Northwave Clan Shoes
RRP: $220.00
Etnies Marana Crank Flat Shoes
RRP: $160.00
Shimano SH-GR701 Flat Pedal Shoes
RRP: $180.00
Ride Concepts Vice Flat Shoes
RRP: $205.00
Shimano SH-GR500 Shoes
RRP: $140.00
Giro Riddance Mid Height Flat Shoes
RRP: $190.00
Shimano SH-AM501 SPD Shoes
RRP: $150.00
Afton Keegan Flat Shoes
RRP: $136.00
Shimano SH-AM902 SPD Shoes
RRP: $240.00
Shimano SH-XC701 SPD Shoes
RRP: $350.00
Shimano SH-GR901 Flat Pedal Shoes
RRP: $240.00
Shimano SH-XC501 SPD Shoes
RRP: $240.00
Giro Riddance Shoes
RRP: $190.00
Afton Vectal SPD Shoes
RRP: $170.00
Ride Concepts Hellion Flat Shoes
RRP: $255.00
Giro Chamber 2 Clipless Shoes
RRP: $220.00
Ride Concepts Powerline Flat Shoes
RRP: $285.00
Shimano SH-ME702 SPD Shoes
RRP: $260.00
Five Ten Freerider Pro Women's Shoes
RRP: $210.00

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